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          Wild Fish Open Water Swim Festival

                                          Salem, MA



                                                       August 6, 2016

                          Distances Include: 1 Mile, 2 Mile and 1/2 Mile


Time: 12pm start (Registration Opens at 10:30am) 

Location: Collins Cove Beach, Salem, Ma.
(GPS 102 Webb St. Salem, MA)

Collins Cove is located on Webb Street which is off Bridge Street. Follow signs to Salem        Willows and you will see us. We are the cove on the left heading towards the Willows.

Costs: Pre-Reg $40 Race Day:$50


Details: This swim event has been very successful averaging close to 200 swimmers each year. Wetsuits are suggested for this swim, but not required. The water is very calm in the cove, which is located in Salem Harbor. First 150 participants will receive race shirts - first come first serve basis. Sizes not guaranteed. Swim caps will be provided for all swimmers.

Wave Start Times:

1/2 Mile Start 12:00pm

2 Mile Start 12:05pm

1 Mile Start 12:15pm

Special Details and Information: No floaties, fins or paddles allowed. There will be plenty of kayakers, paddle boards, boats, etc. in the water for swimmer safety.



1 and 2 mile Age group awards are: U-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+. Top three in each age group for each race will receive an award.

Non-Wetsuits Top 3 M/F in each race.

$150 cash prize for 2 Mile Swim 1st place male and female(wetsuit or non/wetsuit)

$100 cash prize for 1 Mile Swim 1st place male and female(wetsuit or non/wetsuit)

$50 cash prize for 1/2 Mile Swim 1st place male and female (wetsuit or non/wetsuit)

Post Race Festivities:

Post race Breakfast BBQ catered by Every Little Breeze Catering. The breakfast BBQ will include egg frittata oranges, and bananas. $5 for non-swimmers and FREE for kids. A few sponsors will be joining us including Noosa Yoghurt and Power Crunch. Brothers Taverna in downtown Salem will be offering a 15% discount on breakfast or lunch and $3 draft beers, mimosas and homemade Sangria till 3pm for all Wild Fish participants.


NEED A WETSUIT? We've got a killer suit and a deal from Aquaman to go with it. Go to landescapenation.com home page and click on the Aquaman Link.  You can use the 20% off coupon code "landescape" when you order a suit now or in the future. Visit the LandEscape booth at the event for more details and questions.


Parking: Street parking along beach is limited, neighborhood parking, Bentley School Parking lot (25 Memorial Drive, Salem, MA).

Wetsuit Rentals : Click here if you'd like to rent a wetsuit online.




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Title Sponsor

Swim Cap Sponsor



Race Refunds:
Sorry, no refunds, no exceptions. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A RACE ENTRANT BE ALLOWED TO TRANSFER, SELL OR SUBSTITUTE ANOTHER ATHLETE AT ANY TIME. The event organizer has the right to shorten or even cancel the event if, in his or her judgment, environmental conditions including weather become dangerous; in this situation no refunds will be given. If a rain date is possible we will send out ASAP.

Contact: Amanda Nisula at bnsfitnessevents@yahoo.com or 978-836-0271



Feed Back from the Wild Fish Swim Festival

This years Wild Fish Open Water Swim Festival was my first ever swim race, for that matter my first competitive athletic event ever. I want to thank you for making it such a good experience. As a beginner I really appreciated you having a half mile race distance; its great for those of us who really want to start doing open water but aren't sure we can handle the length of most of the races. The staff was friendly and helpful from registration to the guys in the kayaks pointing toward the next buoy. I had a great time and I will definitely be back next year; hopefully to swim the mile this time.


I just wanted to congratulate YOU on a great event!  I have to say, it was run seamlessly, without a hitch!  What luck to get the most perfect weather day! From the awesome T-shirts, cinch sacks, great sponsorship, the breakfast and after-party (I didn’t partake, but those were terrific perks), it was a truly fun event. Ashley and your entire Event Management team, the kayakers, your fabulous DJ, and of course Steve’s impeccable MC skills helped make it the event of the year.  I was chatting with some neighbors who had walked over to see what was going on & were fascinated by the accomplishments of the athletes. It was impressive how you monitored the index cards to make sure everyone got out of the water safely (a few folks snuck by without their cards!)  There aren’t too many events of this nature in this area, so it was a pleasure to be able to participate.  This was my 2nd year & I look forward to the next one!  Great work! Thanks - LL 2013.


Thanks for putting on a terrific race. As I said yesterday, the Wild Fish was one of the best run open water swim events I've done...including the recent World Masters Championships in Italy. It was run like a triathlon...something most swim event organizers don't understand or get. You guys get it...just super...and much appreciated. -LC


Hi, my name is Ali Burrow.  My son and I swam in your open water swim yesterday.  We had THE BEST time at your event, and really look forward to doing more of these; and specifically coming back next year to do this open water swim.  It was sooooo well run, and every one of the volunteers was helpful and friendly.  You really put on a great event.  Thank you again!!! Ali and Tim Burrow


B & S: My sister and I attended your swim in Salem today, Diana did the 1 mile, I did the 2 mile. We have both taken part in distance open water events around the US, and abroad, as part of triathlons, and as stand alone swims. I doff my cap to you, a job very well done. 1.Most important, the Kayak support was among the best we have seen ever. They were all over that course. I know the cove is enclosed, and the waves and weather were fine, but I know how fast conditions can change, and I know how easily a dunked swimmer can get into trouble. Good job on supervising the course. 2. Venue: The cove is great. Enclosed enough to be calm for up tight swimmers, large enough to get a one mile circuit inside. Course was also well marked. 3. Registration: We were not pre registered, it went fine for us. I'm sorry we couldn't get there soon enough to pick up shirts, maybe next year. 4. Professionalism: Nicely done for your chosen price point. No sarcasm intended here. We have seen very fancy setups, and entry fees that reflect the frills. I am convinced in light of the economy, there is a significant niche for events in your price range. I do not need timing chips and mats. I would be willing to pay for additional post race food, but it's not that big of a deal. I would also like to comment on the disposition of all BNS staff I met. They were all friendly and welcoming.   The weather was perfect. If you can take credit for that one, you're really good at what you do. I look forward to seeing you next year. Regards, Ken Rosenstein (161)


Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the race on Saturday.  Very well
run and an event that I look forward to (despite being one of the slowest
swimmers of the bunch!)  The tech shirt was great!  Definitely one of a kind -
not your average race t-shirt.  Also, kudos to Engine House who supplied
additional pizza when they ran out.  My only suggestion for next year is,
would it be possible to have the 2 mile swimmers go in the first wave?  I am a
slow swimmer and had quite a few 2 milers swim into me.  I get that it is all
part of the race experience and expect that but some seemed annoyed that I was
slower than they were and I was in their way.  So, I ask this not for myself,
but for the two milers.  Who knows - maybe I will join them next year! Thanks again,


I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for a great afternoon.  You guys put on a great race and made my first swim race ever a memorable experience.  I had a lot of fun.  I hope to be back next year -- maybe try the 2mi!




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